The Growth Engine

Our mission is to foster long term partnership with our team members and customers; and deliver best in class solutions that result in profitable revenue outcomes.

The Growth Engine: A revenue Generation Agency

Our mission is to foster long term partnerships with our team members and customers; and deliver best in class solutions that result in profitable revenue outcomes.

Our Brand Promise

The Growth Engine helps companies to create a winning revenue generation engine addressing their strategy, resources, systems, processes & structure; that affects their ability to generate revenue. The outcome is the creation of a robust “Revenue Generation Engine” that is capable to deliver desired revenue outcomes. We then take it further and assist companies to tailor design a revenue generation plan and work hand in hand as part of our client’s revenue generation engine to execute that plan.

The Proof is in the Pipeline

If you are tired of all the promises, but no results. Contact TGE to find out how we can put a plan in place that results in revenue.

Lead Generation

Target and attract the right customers for your product and services.

Demand Generation

Targeted marketing programs to drive Awareness and Interest.

Sales Enablement

Information, content, and tools that help Sales People to sell more effectively.

We Pride Ourselves On Creativity,
Intuition & Determination.

With a team of 50 marketers, project managers, and developers, TGE brings global best in breed
experience with all of our Revenue Focused solutions and services.

We Are Creative

TGE prides itself on providing thoughtful solutions that give customers; A fresh concept with out of the Box Thinking and Future Proof Creativity.

We Have Experience

With experience in 22 countries on several hundred projects working with teams of all sizes…..if you can dream we can build it.

We Are Determined

TGE are renowned for agility and tenacity while maintaining a constant vigilance towards revenue generation and excellence in execution for our clients.

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Great for Results

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Team TGE

Eve Chen

CEO / Founder

As the CEO and principal consultant, Eve is responsible for developing and executing tailored strategic and tactical marketing plans for TGE's clients. With over 20 years of senior marketing and revenue generation experience at various multinationals, Eve delivers profitable growth for businesses of all sizes.

Tony Pizzamiglio

COO / Founder

With extensive background in Project Management in over 20 countries Tony heads up operations and is renowned for innovative ideas and solutions that get results. The priority for all members of the TGE team is to fully understand and align with client objectives and goals. Tony oversees day to day project onboarding and execution.

Jacquie Palisi

Senior Project Manager - Media

Emmy-Award Winning Producer, TV Host, and Voice Over Talent with 28+ Years Broadcast Media Industry Experience. Jacquie heads media projects and oversees production of scripting and video assets for TGE. All of our TGE media solutions are built around future-proofing, multi-contextual usage, and direct call to action. With tracked and measurable results and targeting the power of video media investment is unrivaled.

Pete Kutasevich

Lead Software Architect

As Lead Architect, Peter is responsible for setting and implementing technical standards in line tat ensure clear and visible client success where software development is required.

Upul Dissan

UI / UX Team Lead

As the leader of the UI/UX team, Upul makes it his purpose to implement findings from data that have been turned into information. Research is the key to success as our designs are focused soley on Revenue return.

Gennadi Gofman

Lead Developer

As Lead Developer, Gennadi is responsible for implementation and the testing of technical solutions. Our software development work focuses on solutions that return revenue, integration work, and business intelligence.

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